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      The Carrollton Wind Symphony was founded in 1995 by Mr. John Zulli. He could not have known then what an impact on our community and our lives his band would have. The band was small then, but has grown to over 50 members in this new century. Most of us played music many years ago and longed for it in our busy, professional lives. The wind symphony gives us that chance again and serves young and old alike.

It is a chance to step out of line in our busy lives and slip back in time. Oh, the joy it is to hear the brawn of the brass, the snap of the snare, and the wonder of the woodwinds!

The Carrollton Wind Symphony is an advanced performing group.  We play some of the most difficult music written for band. We typically perform 4-6 times a year and strive to maintain a sense of community by performing all over the Metroplex.

You too can be a part of this dynamic ensemble. Browse our pages to see and hear what we have to offer!